About Us

Code & Hack - Code Blooded Programmers Online

We are a group of code blooded programmers — a special kind of homo sapiens who are mastered in coding. And Code & Hack is a community for like-minded coding enthusiasts.

Today, the whole world is running on code. The main moto behind starting Code & Hack is to inspire and motivate young minds towards programming world. Here, in this website, we share major changes in the coding community. We will update you with coding tutorials related to programming languages C, C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, PHP etc. Other than these tutorials, we will also share eBooks and other courses to enrich your programming knowledge.

What you can except from codeandhack.com:

  • Of course, programming and hacking related news.
  • Introduction and detailed working of coding tools.
  • Search Engine Optimization techniques.
  • Free tools and eBooks to help you in coding journey.
  • Review of some important programming and hacking certification courses.

So brace yourself and get ready for deep dive into the programming world.

Happy coding 🙂