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[#2] It’s Quiz Time: How well do you know Git?

Quiz Time #2

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, this quiz will test your knowledge of Git fundamental concepts and best practices.

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    What is Git?

    • A programming language commonly used for web development
    • A cloud-based storage service for storing and sharing files
    • A version control system primarily used for tracking changes in source code during software development
    • A graphic design software for creating visual assets
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    Who created Git?

    • Linus Torvalds
    • Junio ​​Hamano
    • Kosuke Kawaguchi
    • James Gosling
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    How to take a snapshot of the current state of project changes?

    • git stage
    • git add
    • git init
    • git commit
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    What should be entered to check the status of the local repository since the last commit?

    • git status
    • git check
    • git commit
    • git diff
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    What command pushes a commit to a remote repository from a local one?

    • git status
    • git add
    • git push
    • git upload
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    What does the untracked status of a file displayed with git status mean?

    • The file has been deleted from the repository but the change has not been committed yet.
    • The file exists in the project directory but has not yet been added to the Git repository.
    • The file has been modified after being added to the Git repository, but the changes have not been committed yet.
    • The file is being ignored by Git due to the .gitignore file.
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    How to correctly write a comment message to a commit?

    • git message “codeandhack test”
    • git add “codeandhack test”
    • git commit -m “codeandhack test”
    • git commit “codeandhack test”
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    What is the difference between master and origin master branches?

    • there is no difference, they are identical
    • the origin master branch is a child of the master branch
    • master belongs to the local repository and origin master belongs to the remote
    • these branches belong to the remote repository
  • Question of

    What is the git log command used for?

    • no such command exists
    • to show commit history
    • to remove a file from the repository
    • to write the next file to the log
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    A short form of indexing all changes made

    • git add
    • git commit
    • git commit add
    • git push -am “Message”
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    What command can be used to undo a “git add” action on a file?

    • git stash
    • git abort
    • git reset
    • git not-add
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    What is the git stash command used for?

    • to save all changes to the buffer
    • to remove all modified files
    • to undo all changes
    • no such command exists
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    How to create a branch named mybranch?

    • git commit origin mybranch
    • git checkout mybranch
    • git create branch mybranch
    • git branch mybranch
  • Question of

    What is called merging two branches?

    • Merging is the process of integrating changes from one branch into the main branch
    • converting two branches into a third
    • transformations after running git fetch
    • renaming one branch to another
  • Question of

    Why put a file in .gitignore?

    • .gitignore – just an unnecessary auto-generated git
    • so that Git ignores it and its commands do not affect it
    • only the most important files are placed there
    • in order for git to delete its history

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