7 Fun Ways to Practice Coding Skill

Learning to code takes dedication. But honing your skills doesn't have to be a dreary grind. Here are 7 enjoyable ways to sharpen your programming abilities. 

Choose a topic you love like travel, fashion or guitars. Build a stylish site on it from scratch using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Bring your personal interests into coding.

Design a Website

Browse projects on GitHub you find useful. Contributing improvements to real-world open source software builds skills and community.

Contribute to Open Source

Hackathons challenge you to quickly build an app around themes like climate change and public transit. The competitive element pushes your abilities.

Compete in a Hackathon

Many classic games come with tools to modify and write new code for them. Developing your own mod lets you playfully tinker with a professional codebase.

Develop a Game Mod

Find a group of programming pals to learn with. Bounce ideas off each other for apps to build. Motivate each other to keep making progress.

Form a Coding Club

What's more fun than games? Create a simple mobile game app using Unity or Xcode. The visual feedback will keep you engaged as you code game logic, physics, UI, and sound effects.

Build a Mobile Game App

The credit card-sized Raspberry Pi is a learning coder's dream. Build a mini robot from tutorials, program its movements, and expand capabilities as you advance.

Make a Raspberry Pi Robot

Rather than doing repetitive exercises, use your passion projects, hobbies and competitions to drive your coding practice. Programming for enjoyment's sake keeps curiosity and creativity alive.