10 Steps to Lock Down Your Online Security

With rampant data breaches, it’s crucial to lock down your online security. Follow these 10 vital steps for protection.

Use long, complex unique passwords for each account. Consider a password manager.

Use Strong Password

Add a second layer like biometrics or one-time codes to login for accounts that support 2FA.

Two-Factor Authentication

Patching fixes vulnerabilities. Allow auto updates on all devices and avoid outdated software.

Update Devices & App

Spot suspicious links and messages posing as trusted sources aiming to steal data.

Watch Out for Phishing

Encrypt your connection to keep browsing safe and hide your IP when on unsecured networks.

Use a VPN

Require multifactor authentication for email, banking, social, and other important logins.

Protect with MFA

Routinely check credit reports and financial accounts for any suspicious activity indicating identity theft.

Monitor Your Credit

Install robust antivirus software on all computers and devices and keep it continuously updated.

Use Antivirus Software

Exercise caution before downloading email attachments or clicking links, even from familiar contacts. 

Think Before You Click

No one is immune. Follow security best practices and keep educating yourself on risks.

Stay Vigilant

Taking these steps makes you an online security pro. Protect your data and identity by locking down access and staying cautious.