10 Ways to Spot Deepfake

As deepfake technology grows more accessible, we need to get savvier at detecting AI-doctored videos and audios. Watch for these telltale signs of manipulated media 

Due to technical limitations, deepfake movements often appear jittery and disjointed rather than smooth and natural. Subtle discrepancies in gestures and gait can expose manipulated footage.

Jerky Head/Body Movements  

AI often struggles to generate natural blinking patterns. Deepfaked eyes may rarely blink, blink out of sync, or blink unnaturally slowly/rapidly. Normal blinking cadence is hard to mimic.

Odd Eye Blinking  

Deepfake tools sometimes decouple facial expressions from speech, resulting in a mismatch between emotions displayed and words said. Watch if they align convincingly.

Mismatched Facial Expressions 

Due to the technical difficulty of accurately mapping mouth movements, deepfaked mouths tend to appear blurred or warped when animated. Teeth also look unnatural.

Distorted Mouth/Teeth  

Deepfake skin tones often seem off, with inconsistent texturing and coloring. Skin may look too smooth, wrinkled, or just generally artificial upon close inspection.

Strange Complexions  

With limited data on individuals, deepfakes cannot completely mimic normal mannerisms or speech patterns. Subtle but “off” discrepancies in conduct could be telltale signs.

Atypical Behavior/Speech

Lighting and shadows probably won't sync perfectly between the deepfaked face region and the rest of the body and background environment.

Odd Shadows/Lighting  

Deepfakes are unable to recreate small details like moles and may contain visible digital artifacts from the AI process. Real people have random imperfections that AI misses.

Lack of Imperfections  

Voices may sound slightly choppy, garbled or robotic without the proper cadence, inflections and fluidity of normal speech.

Unusual Voice Quality  

Source file metadata can reveal manipulations and tampering not evident visually. Scrutinize details like timestamps and editing software used.

Metadata Discrepancies  

Stay vigilant for any of these warning signs when assessing media authenticity. While deepfakes grow more sophisticated, telltale hints of manipulation remain. Learn to spot the “tells” of AI trickery