Bard Integrated in Google Services: Ultimate Assistant for Your Gmail, Drive, and Maps


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Google has given its conversational AI, Bard, a major facelift — with the new Bard update, the AI chatbot is going to be the ultimate assistant you ever need for your different Google services.

What’s New? A Quick Rundown

  • Global Implementation: Previously limited to English, Bard’s functionalities are now available in multiple languages.
  • Enhanced Quality: The underlying PaLM 2 model has been fine-tuned for more creative and high-quality responses.
  • Bard Integrated in Google Services: Bard now plays well with Google Docs, Gmail, Drive, Maps, YouTube, and even Google’s hotel and flight search engines.

Language Barriers, No More!

One of the most exciting aspects of this Bard update is the language expansion. Bard has learned 40 new languages and extended functionalities that were once exclusive to English conversations.

Your Personal Assistant Across Google Services

Imagine asking Bard to summarize a document in your Drive or to tell you how many emails you’ve received today. Yes, that’s possible now! Bard’s integration with Google services promises a universe of possibilities. Bard can now interact with Google Maps and Google’s flight and hotel search engines. Ask it to find the best route to your destination or to look for the cheapest flights and hotels. It can even tell you which YouTube video you’ve watched the most.

Trust but Verify

In addition, Google has amped up the ‘Search in Google’ button that appears in Bard’s responses. Clicking it will lead Bard to corroborate its answers by searching Google. This feature adds an extra layer of trust and reliability to your interactions with the AI.

Another nifty feature is the option to share Bard chats through public links. This allows other users to join the conversation and pick up where you left off.

All these jaw-dropping features are powered by Google’s PaLM 2 language model. The company has applied reinforcement learning techniques to continue training this model, making Bard smarter with each interaction.

Google assures that your data is in safe hands. The access to apps like Gmail, Docs, and Drive is strictly limited, ensuring that no human reviewers will see your information. Moreover, Bard won’t use your data for ad targeting or model training.

Alan Mathai
Alan Mathai
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