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The integration of artificial intelligence into creative and content creation fields is becoming increasingly prominent. Well-known are the advancements in text generation, exemplified by tools like ChatGPT, and the progress in AI-driven image creation with platforms like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion. Beyond the visual and textual marvels of AI, a symphony of innovation is emerging in the soundscape, courtesy of the latest AI music generators.

Beyond the popular voice cloning applications, AI is demonstrating a capacity to enhance music production significantly. This article presents a comprehensive look at the top apps for creating music with AI. These tools are not just transforming the production process for YouTube videos, podcasts, and personal projects but also opening up new avenues for aspiring musicians dreaming of producing a hit album for platforms like Spotify.

1. Boomy

Boomy, an innovative AI music generation platform, revolutionizes the art of music creation, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of musical expertise. Boomy utilizes advanced AI algorithms to generate music. Users start by selecting a genre from an extensive list, ranging from pop and hip-hop to electronic and jazz. From there, Boomy’s AI takes over, creating a unique piece of music in seconds. The process is highly interactive, allowing users to modify and refine the AI-generated tracks. This could involve changing the tempo, adjusting the mix, or even adding in new sections to the music.

Boomy operates on a freemium model. The free version allows users to create and download a number of songs, providing a taste of what the platform can offer. For users who wish to access the full breadth of Boomy’s capabilities, there is a premium subscription priced at $9.99 per month. This premium service includes additional features such as higher-quality audio outputs, commercial rights to the music, and more advanced editing tools.

2. Mubert

Mubert carved a niche for itself by offering users an incredibly user-friendly and efficient way to generate music using artificial intelligence. The process of creating music with Mubert is straightforward. Users begin by inputting a text prompt, which acts as a guide for the AI. This prompt can be anything from a mood, a genre, or a specific idea. Once the prompt is set, users select their preferred music type from a diverse range of options. Mubert then uses these inputs to generate a unique piece of music.

Mubert offers a generous free version, which allows users to generate up to 25 tracks per month. This provides ample opportunity for casual creators to experiment and produce music for personal use. For those who require more extensive capabilities, Mubert offers a premium subscription priced at $11.69/month. The premium version lifts the limitations on the number of tracks, making it an ideal choice for professional creators who need a constant stream of new music.

3. Soundraw

Soundraw is an AI-powered music generator that’s perfect for both beginners and professionals. Its user-friendly interface allows anyone to create music easily, without needing musical expertise. Soundraw comes with a sophisticated AI algorithm, which enables users to generate unique music pieces. The AI analyzes user inputs and preferences, crafting compositions that align with their specifications. Whether it’s upbeat, moody, fast-paced, or mellow, Soundraw’s AI can create a track that fits the desired mood and tone.

Soundraw’s free version offers an impressive feature — unlimited song generation. This aspect is particularly appealing to newcomers in music creation. For those looking for more professional and commercial uses, Soundraw offers premium plans. These plans start at $16.99/month and provide additional features such as commercial usage rights and access to copyright-free music.

4. Suno

Suno stands out for its ability to not only produce music but also incorporate lyrics into its compositions. This feature sets Suno apart from many of its contemporaries in the AI music generation space. Users have the option to input their own lyrics or allow Suno to generate them. This flexibility opens up a world of possibilities for songwriters, poets, and even those just experimenting with music and lyrics. It also has the ability to generate and adapt lyrics in various languages, making it a globally accessible tool.

Suno offers a free version, which provides a substantial experience for users to get acquainted with its features. For those looking to explore the application’s full potential, the paid subscription starts at $8 per month. This premium version unlocks additional capabilities and is particularly beneficial for those looking to use the generated music and lyrics for commercial purposes.


Launched in 2016, AIVA has rapidly emerged as a go-to tool for AI-driven music composition for musicians, composers, and even those with limited musical experience. The application is widely used for creating soundtracks for films, video games, and advertisements. Additionally, its ability to generate sheet music is particularly appealing to musicians and educators. This feature not only aids in understanding AI-composed music but also provides a valuable resource for teaching and learning music composition.

AIVA is accessible to everyone, with a free version available that offers a taste of its capabilities. For more advanced features, including higher-quality audio outputs and increased customization options, AIVA has a premium subscription model. Starting at around 11 euros per month, this subscription is designed to cater to more professional needs, offering additional tools and functionalities.

6. Ecrett Music

Ecrett Music is designed primarily for creating background music tailored for games, podcasts, and videos. Ecrett Music comes with a vast library of over 500,000 musical patterns, which is continuously updated each month. This extensive collection ensures that users have a wide array of options to choose from, allowing for the creation of unique and varied soundtracks. Additionally, Ecrett Music provides tools for further customization, enabling users to adjust instruments, melody, bass, drums, and the overall structure of the song.

The platform provides a free plan that allows users to download up to three tracks per month, making it a great option for personal projects or those just exploring the service. For users with more extensive needs, Ecrett Music offers a premium subscription at $4.99 per month. This subscription unlocks unlimited access to the platform’s features, including the ability to download an unlimited number of tracks, access to the full music library, and more advanced customization options.

7. AudioCipher

Unlike other AI music generators, AudioCipher functions as a plugin, which means it seamlessly integrates into various digital audio workstations (DAWs). In the tool, users input text — it could be anything from a name to a phrase or a meaningful sentence. AudioCipher then translates this text into a series of MIDI notes. This translation is based on a proprietary algorithm that assigns specific musical notes to each letter. The result is a MIDI file that reflects the essence of the input text in a musical format. Whether you’re working with industry standards like Ableton Live, Logic Pro, or FL Studio, AudioCipher integrates effortlessly. This flexibility makes it a valuable tool for a wide range of music creators, regardless of their preferred software environment.

AudioCipher is offered at a one-time purchase price, making it a cost-effective addition to a musician’s toolkit. It’s priced at $29.99. This one-time fee grants users full access to the plugin’s capabilities without any recurring subscription costs, which is a significant advantage for those on a budget or those who prefer a one-time investment over ongoing payments.

8. is an AI music generator that simplifies the process of creating background music tailored to specific content. Whether you’re a YouTuber, podcaster, or multimedia creator, provides an intuitive platform to generate music that complements your projects. The service stands out by allowing users to import their videos or podcasts and then selecting a genre and tone that aligns with their content, ensuring the music perfectly underscores the intended mood and message. provides a free version that allows for the creation of unlimited music, suitable for personal projects and exploration. The subscription plans start from $6 a month, offering additional features such as the ability to download music, access to a wider range of customization options, and more.

9. Soundful

Soundful, developed with the aim of simplifying music creation, is designed to empower creators at all levels. The platform is engineered to be straightforward yet powerful, offering a suite of tools that enable users to craft music with precision. Soundful comes with an extensive customization option, which allows users to choose specific musical keys for their creations, a feature that is particularly appealing to those with some knowledge of music theory. It empowers users to have more control over the tonal quality of their compositions, ensuring that the final product aligns closely with their creative vision. Sound also boasts a wide catalogue of modifiable royalty-free tracks. This library serves as a treasure trove for creators, providing a wide array of genres and styles to choose from.

The free version of Soundful is perfectly suitable for personal use, giving users a taste of the platform’s capabilities. For those requiring more advanced features and greater flexibility, Soundful offers an annual premium subscription priced at $59.99/year.

10. VEED AI Music Generator

VEED’s AI-powered tool allows users to generate music with just a few clicks. The process is straightforward: users select a musical style and input a brief description of what they envision. The AI then takes these inputs and crafts a 30-second music clip that matches the specified criteria. The music it produces is ideal for short-form content, this makes it particularly useful for content creators who operate within the fast-paced, visually driven platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Also, all the music you create on VEED AI is royalty-free. This means creators can use the generated tracks in their projects without worrying about copyright infringement or licensing fees.

While the basic use of the tool is available for free, allowing users to generate short music clips without any cost, VEED also provides enhanced capabilities through its subscription plans. The pricing for these subscriptions starts from approximately $15 per month, although specific details may vary based on the plan chosen and any ongoing promotions or updates to VEED’s pricing structure.

Wrapping up

Whether you’re a budding musician, a content creator looking for the perfect soundtrack, or simply someone who dreams of composing without the barriers of traditional music production, AI music generators offers a new musical landscape to explore. The melody of the future is in our hands, and it’s time to play it loud. Let’s embrace these innovations, for they promise to make the art of music creation accessible, enjoyable, and boundlessly creative for everyone. The stage is set, the audience awaits — what music will you create?

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