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There are a lot of resources online to learn to code — like blogs, guides, ebooks, etc. And learn to code via YouTube is one of the new ways.

There isn’t anything better than learning from an experienced programmer with proper explanations of logic, which is only available through the tutorial videos, that’s where Youtube comes.

There are a lot of experienced programmers who share their knowledge in the form of videos on different YouTube Channels. But while some channels are great, others might be worthy of your time. Moreover, some are great sources of useful tips and tricks for beginners, and some others are best for learning programming languages.

We have created a shortlist of the best YouTube channels to learn programming faster and easily. They are mainly based on the quality of content, views, and subscriptions.

Let’s have a look at them:

YouTube Channels To Learn Programming:

1. Thenewboston

thenewboston has more than two million subscribers — its one of the most popular YouTube channels to learn programming. The channel has an immense collection of programming tutorials, covering different programming topics, game development, Android development, design, and more. All videos available in this channel are free and very easy to follow and catch up to.

2. Google Developers

Google Developers channel shows reports, reviews, tutorials, lessons, talks, and best practices about Google’s latest innovations like Android, Chrome, Web Development, Polymer, Performance, iOS, and more relevant topics. You can also get the latest news on Google services and technologies around the mobile, web, and the cloud. The Python lessons for beginners are the most popular on this channel.

3. ProgrammingKnowledge

From ProgrammingKnowledge, one can learn Python, C, Java, Android development, Excel, Adobe illustrator, Shell, Linux. They have very elaborated videos, some of them even as long as 9hrs. Very informative.

4. Derek Banas

Derek Banas covers a broad range of topics, but for beginners, there are extensive guides on PHP, Java, MySQL, web services, and other related topics. You can also contact him and ask him to cover one particular aspect of web design as he takes requests from his subscribers.

5. The Coding Train

The Coding Train has video tutorials on subjects like basics of programming languages like javascript to algorithmic art, machine learning, simulation, generative poetry, and more. Videos are very interactive, and he really tries his best to be funny.

6. Programming With Mosh

If you need to expand your knowledge or learn something from the beginning, then Programming with Mosh is one of the perfect YouTube channels to learn programming for both newbies and experienced coders. He tries to cover a vast amount of information in a single video itself, and that’s why these videos become longer, and there are fewer videos in number.

They offer comprehensive and to the point videos as well as crash courses where you can learn about various technologies and their practical usage.

7. Traversy Media

Traversy Media offers plenty of practical web development and programming tutorials for all the latest technologies, including Node.js, Angular 2, React.js, PHP, Rails, HTML, CSS, and much more. You can also learn how to run a side project, how to choose a proper framework, or how to deploy your code step by step.

8. Telusko

Telusko makes free programming tutorials for both beginners and experienced programmers. That includes Java, Python, Android, Blockchain, JavaScript, Kotlin, Scala, Spring Framework, Hibernate, C, Data Structures, Networking, and many more.

9. Sentdex

Sentdex — it feels like this guy is more about artificial intelligence. This channel has tutorials of Python, Machine Learning, Data Analysis, Robotics, Web Development, Game Development, and more.

10. LearnCode.Academy

One can find many great, clear, focused, and easy to follow tutorials on Will Stern’s web development channel — LearnCode.academy. Mainly, there are many great web development tutorials for beginners. With LearnCode.academy you can quickly learn Node.js, Angular.js, Backbone.js, Deployment Strategies, HTML & CSS, CSS Layouts, JavaScript, Sublime Text, Responsive Design, Server Administration, etc.

We know we missed a lot of channels, but we want to reduce your confusion by showing a few best YouTube channels to learn programming. Hope this was helpful.

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