Bing ChatGPT Has Been Integrated Into The Windows 11 Taskbar


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Microsoft has integrated Bing with ChatGPT into the Windows 11 taskbar, allowing users to access the AI-powered web browser without opening Microsoft Edge first.

Once the latest OS version is updated, users may utilise ChatGPT to input their Bing query straight into the taskbar’s search box. A blue Chat with Bing icon indicates that the query will be directed to the OpenAI-powered chatbot. Although the results and the complete chat with the bot are still open in the new Microsoft Edge window, the new function integrated into the taskbar provides quick access to start a conversation with Bing with ChatGPT. 

This feature is only available to those accessing Bing with ChatGPT preview. It is unknown whether Microsoft intends to expand the integration of this new function such that the results are shown in the Windows 11 search engine’s native box.

Over one million people have already tested Bing with ChatGPT in 169 countries, and its integration with the Windows 11 taskbar is another step in the tool’s expansion. Bing with ChatGPT has already spread to the Skype and Bing applications for iOS and Android and is scheduled to make its Office debut soon. The taskbar search is one of the most used features of Windows 11, with over 500 million users every month, indicating that the statistics of the use of Bing with ChatGPT are likely to grow drastically quickly.

The February Windows 11 update has several noteworthy features, including the integrated Bing Chat chatbot, updated Phone Link app with iPhone support, controls for Windows Studio Effects, the improved user interface for tablets and computers 2-in-1, redesigned widgets, chat apps, and quick help. Other features include built-in screen recording, power recommendations to reduce energy costs, and improved braille support. 

Overall, Bing with ChatGPT integration with Windows 11 is a significant step forward for Microsoft’s pursuit of mass adoption of the AI-powered web browser.

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