ChatGPT Gets Real-Time Data Access with Microsoft Partnership and Plugins


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OpenAI ChatGPT AI chatbot has been facing the major challenge of being unable to operate with up-to-date data, as its AI was trained only until September 2021. But, as part of its collaboration with Microsoft, the company has given the bot real-time data via Microsoft Bing search. With the help of special plugins, this integrated AI enables ChatGPT to access industry-specific knowledge sources.

OpenAI announced a new feature called ChatGPT plugins, which allows ChatGPT to browse the web and offer accurate and up-to-date solutions to user requests. ChatGPT can grasp the context of user inquiries and deliver appropriate information with plugins, making it more helpful and relevant to users. 

For example, if a user asks ChatGPT for the most recent news, the plugin enables ChatGPT to access news websites and offer the most recent information. Moreover, plugins allow ChatGPT to access products, services, and corporate information, expanding its possibilities.

With GPT-4, OpenAI expects that by adding this new function, ChatGPT will become more appealing and valuable to users. ChatGPT’s ability to handle a wide range of queries is also enhanced by the plugins, making it a valuable tool for businesses and individuals. The company has released two extensions — an open-source search plugin that allows ChatGPT to access a browser to search for information on the web and a Python code interpreter that solves mathematical problems, analyses data and visualises it.

This latest update is a big advancement for ChatGPT and the field of AI chatbots, allowing the bot to become a genuinely global platform capable of producing fantastic content. With the ability to develop and test code in ChatGPT and upload third-party files, ChatGPT might eventually accomplish more complicated tasks, such as making AI works of art. Plugins improve ChatGPT’s capabilities and make it a more valuable tool for users ranging from plugin authors to regular users who want to add plugins to their products.

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