Google Announces PaLM Language Model API and AI Enterprise Tools for Code, Text, Image, Video, and Audio Generation


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As OpenAI announced GPT-4, Google is also continuing to expand its AI offerings with the announcement that it will give developers access to one of the company’s most advanced AI language models, PaLM. 

PaLM is a large-scale language model similar to OpenAI’s GPT series and Meta’s LLaMA family. With the new API, developers can use PaLM to generate code, text, images, video, audio, and more from simple natural language prompts.

Google is releasing a new software called MakerSuite to make it simpler for developers to train PaLM to execute specific tasks. The app will allow users to repeat prompts, augment datasets with synthetic data, and easily tune custom models. 

Google is also increasing generative AI support in Vertex, an AI platform that lets companies train and deploy machine learning models. Developers can now use Google’s underlying model on Google Cloud, initially able to generate text and images, with audio and video generation becoming available in the future.

Google is also launching an all-new service called Generative AI App Builder, which combines conversational AI flows with out-of-the-box search experiences and underlying models. This will allow developers to build AI-powered chat interfaces and digital assistants based on their data. The Generative AI Application Builder is designed to enable business users to collaborate with developers to leverage the power of search, conversational experiences, and underlying models while respecting corporate control.

Google emphasized in its announcement that company training data will always be private and not used to train broader models. With these new tools, businesses will be able to generate high-quality content with greater ease, ultimately enhancing customer experience and driving success.

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