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Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service Now Supports ChatGPT For Conversational AI In Cloud Apps

Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service

Microsoft has announced that ChatGPT is now available on the Azure OpenAI Service. This will enable developers and enterprises to incorporate the ChatGPT model into their cloud applications, allowing conversational AI to be implemented in more services. However, this service is only available for Microsoft-managed customers and partners.

Users of Azure OpenAI can now access a preview of ChatGPT, with billing set to begin on March 13. The pricing for ChatGPT is $0.002 for 1,000 tokens, each representing approximately 750 words. OpenAI models such as GPT-3.5, Codex, and DALL-E are currently available on Microsoft’s cloud service. With Azure OpenAI, these tools can be combined with data processing, management, and scaling to power various applications, such as GitHub Copilot, Power BI, and Microsoft Teams Premium.

Microsoft’s agreement with OpenAI began in 2019 with a $1 billion investment that granted them exclusive access to the underlying technology powering GPT-3. Since then, Microsoft has continued to deepen their relationship with OpenAI.

ChatGPT’s availability on Azure OpenAI is just one of the many ways Microsoft is pushing the limits of AI technology. They have integrated the next-generation ChatGPT into the Bing search engine and Edge browser, and Bing, together with its chatbots, just launched with over 100 million active users. Microsoft is also planning a special event to demonstrate how AI, like ChatGPT, works in Office apps.

In conclusion, the availability of ChatGPT on Azure OpenAI is a significant development that will allow for greater flexibility and efficiency in businesses that require conversational AI capabilities.