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Microsoft Integrates Chatbot Functionality in SwiftKey Keyboard Beta

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Microsoft has integrated the chatbot into its popular SwiftKey keyboard for Android smartphones. The new functionality, currently only accessible in the SwiftKey app’s beta version, allows users to access the chatbot in the Bing search engine with a single tap from any application via the virtual keyboard. 

Users may communicate with the AI bot via text requests or voice instructions, which are transformed into text and processed by the algorithm online. To use the AI bot, click the Bing button to the left of the main set of buttons. Users may use the Virtual keyboard to access the chatbot in any application.

SwiftKey was bought by Microsoft in 2016, at a time when user demand for third-party keyboards was on the rise. Since then, the application’s Android version has remained one of the most popular in its category.

Including a GPT-4-based chatbot in the SwiftKey keyboard is part of Microsoft’s goal to broaden the reach of the Bing search engine. The new functionality is being rolled out gradually and may not be accessible in all locations now. 

Microsoft has not stated when the AI bot will be merged into the stable version of SwiftKey or when it will be available to iOS users that use the Microsoft keyboard.


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