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Microsoft Leverages OpenAI and Nuance Technologies to Automate Healthcare Tasks

Microsoft Nuance to Automate Healthcare Tasks

Microsoft recently announced its plans to integrate artificial intelligence into its software products, including “Microsoft 365 Copilot” and “Power Platform.” The tech giant is collaborating with OpenAI to use its Microsoft Office application technology to support daily tasks such as document generation. Additionally, Microsoft is expanding its development of medical applications by leveraging technology from Nuance Communications, which it acquired last year for $19.7 billion.

One of the new medical applications is the Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX) Express, which uses OpenAI’s GPT-4 to automate tedious paperwork for healthcare professionals. DAX Express combines conversational, ambient, and generative AI to deliver drafts in seconds for immediate clinical review and completion after each patient visit through conversations with patients in the office or telehealth.

According to Microsoft, the introduction of DAX Express will provide several benefits:

  • It can eliminate worker burnout by reducing the time doctors spend on paperwork. Doctors who have used Microsoft’s solutions report up to a 70% reduction in burnout and fatigue.
  • The technology can support specialist workflows by automating workflows, facilitating reporting and communication, and providing more informed decision-making, planning, and treatment. Microsoft claims that DAX Express can improve radiologist efficiency by 50% and time to intervention by 74%.
  • The technology can improve adherence by analyzing data to uncover findings, simplify patient-physician communication, and track comprehensive care plans, resulting in a 52% improvement in follow-up adherence.
  • DAX Express can enhance patient engagement by using AI-powered chatbots to provide patients with quick and accessible information, allowing doctors, nurses, mentors, and support agents to provide a seamless handoff.
  • DAX Express can improve access to care by adding five appointments per average clinic day and enabling physicians to see more patients.

Microsoft plans to demonstrate DAX Express at the HIMSS Global Health Conference on April 17-21. A private preview is scheduled for this summer, and medical professionals can sign up for the DAX Express Interest List. Like Microsoft, Google is working on AI integration in the healthcare sector.

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