OpenAI Announces New ChatGPT Business Subscription Plan and Data Controls


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OpenAI plans to introduce a new subscription plan for its AI-powered chatbot, ChatGPT. The new plan, called ChatGPT Business, is tailored to the needs of corporate users who need control over their data and businesses that want to control their end users.

The ChatGPT Business plan follows OpenAI’s API data usage policy, meaning end-user data is not used to train the company’s models by default. OpenAI plans to make ChatGPT Business available in the coming months. OpenAI has already launched a paid subscription plan called ChatGPT Plus, which provides ChatGPT API and collects money from companies that use it externally.

In addition to the ChatGPT Business plan, OpenAI has announced a new feature that allows all ChatGPT users to turn off chat history. Conversations started with chat history turned off will not be used to train and refine OpenAI’s models or appear in the history sidebar. However, they will be retained for 30 days and reviewed “when necessary to monitor abuse.”

OpenAI users can also export their ChatGPT data starting today. Users may request that their data be filed and sent to the email address associated with their OpenAI account.

The new feature comes as OpenAI faces increased regulatory scrutiny of its data processing. Last month, Italy banned ChatGPT for possible privacy violations, arguing that OpenAI illegally processed people’s data and did not implement systems to prevent minors from accessing ChatGPT. France, Spain, and Germany have also investigated OpenAI and its launched commercial services, focusing on ChatGPT’s GDPR compliance.

The introduction of ChatGPT Business and the new data controls signal OpenAI’s commitment to privacy and data protection. The company is taking steps to address the concerns of regulators and users, providing more control over user data and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations. The new subscription plan and data controls could help OpenAI expand its user base and build trust with users concerned about data privacy.

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