OpenAI launches ChatGPT Team and GPT Store


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OpenAI has recently expanded its ChatGPT ecosystem, introducing an enhanced version for businesses called ChatGPT Team and launching the innovative GPT Store for ChatGPT Plus users.

ChatGPT Team

OpenAI’s ChatGPT Team is an advanced version of the enterprise variant, designed to facilitate collaboration and management within businesses. It includes collaborative tools and administrative features, catering specifically to the needs of teams and organizations. The foundation of the ChatGPT Team is the GPT-4 32K model, capable of processing inputs up to 32,000 tokens. This version also integrates the image generator Dall-E 3 and features Advanced Data Analysis capabilities. Importantly, OpenAI has assured that data and inputs in the ChatGPT Team will not be utilized for training AI models, ensuring privacy and security for users. The pricing for the ChatGPT Team is set at $30 per user per month, with an annual subscription option at $25 per user.

GPT Store

Parallel to the launch of the ChatGPT Team, OpenAI has inaugurated the GPT Store. This platform allows users to access and employ customized ChatGPT variants tailored to meet specific needs through unique training data and prompt inputs. Since its initial announcement at OpenAI’s first developer conference, over 3 million GPTs have been created, showcasing the immense interest and potential of customized AI solutions. Users have the choice to make their GPTs available in the store, and OpenAI plans to introduce a revenue-sharing program for GPT developers in the coming quarter.

OpenAI’s long-term ambition for the GPT Store is to establish an ecosystem akin to the successful App Stores of Apple and Google. This model not only provides a centralized platform for AI tools and applications but also potentially places OpenAI in a dominant position in the market, benefiting from the revenues generated within the ecosystem. Despite increased regulatory scrutiny from US and EU authorities, the model of being a central platform provider remains highly lucrative.

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