OpenAI Refutes Elon Musk’s Lawsuit Claims as “Incoherent and Delusional”


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OpenAI has vehemently denied allegations made by co-founder Elon Musk, describing them as “incoherent and delusional.” The dispute, which centers around Musk’s accusation of OpenAI deviating from its original mission, has escalated into a high-profile lawsuit filed by Musk in February.

Musk’s lawsuit alleges that OpenAI has strayed from its founding objective of developing responsible and openly accessible artificial intelligence, becoming overly influenced by Microsoft, its largest investor. He argues that this shift contradicts the principles upon which OpenAI was established. 

However, OpenAI counters these allegations by asserting that there was never any founding agreement that specified its operational model or its mission in the manner Musk suggests. The AI research lab emphasizes that Musk’s portrayal of the company’s evolution is based on a fictitious narrative. Further complicating the matter is OpenAI’s concern that Musk’s lawsuit aims to access the company’s proprietary records and technology. 

OpenAI released some documents that contain an email exchange between Elon Musk and the company. The documents indicate that there were discussions about the strategic direction of OpenAI’s openness. In these communications, Musk seemed to agree with a shift towards more controlled sharing of AI technology, which is in contrast to the basis of his lawsuit. OpenAI’s filing reveals that Musk had previously recommended integrating OpenAI into Tesla Inc., his automotive company. He also supported the idea of OpenAI operating as a for-profit entity, albeit under his control.

The company describes Musk’s requested relief as extraordinary, based on the alleged non-existent contract, and accuses him of attempting to compel OpenAI to reorganize and distribute its technology according to his unfounded expectations. 

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