Salesforce Strengthens AI Commitment with OpenAI Partnership and Einstein GPT Launch


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Salesforce, a leading customer relationship management (CRM) software provider, has announced a new partnership with OpenAI and the launch of Einstein GPT, a generative AI service. This move further strengthens the company’s commitment to AI, which has been a core part of its business since the launch of its AI platform, Einstein, in 2016.

With Einstein GPT, Salesforce aims to further enhance its generative AI capabilities, enabling it to automatically generate content, respond to emails, create marketing messages, generate knowledge base articles, and improve the overall customer experience.

Salesforce has also been building its generative AI capabilities recently, including CodeGen for building code and CTRLsum for summarizing text. While OpenAI is the first of several partners that Salesforce plans to work with for Einstein GPT, the company has not provided details on its future partners.

To further strengthen the startup ecosystem around generative AI, Salesforce has also announced the launch of a $250 million fund through Salesforce Ventures. This fund will be used to support startups that are working on AI-related technologies, including generative AI.

In addition to Einstein GPT, Salesforce introduced OpenAI technology to the online collaboration platform Slack, making it available in Slack’s ChatGPT feature. With ChatGPT, users can quickly organize and discuss work and create email statements.

Overall, the partnership between Salesforce and OpenAI and the launch of Einstein GPT and the $250 million fund highlight Salesforce’s continued commitment to AI and its potential to transform customer relationship management, marketing, and sales processes.

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