Snapchat AI Chatbot, My AI, Goes Global with New Features and Safety Measures


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Snapchat’s AI chatbot, My AI, has now been made available worldwide for all users. Originally launched in February as a paid feature, My AI-enabled Snapchat members to chat directly with AI chatbots powered by OpenAI’s GPT technology. However, in a recent announcement, Snap stated that this feature will now be free to all users.

Snapchat users have been using chatbots to send approximately two million daily messages. My AI’s expanded features now include adding it to group chats, getting recommendations for places on Snap Map and Lenses, and sharing snaps with My AI to receive chat replies. 

Additionally, My AI now has Snapchat-specific features such as recommending restaurants and other activities based on popular places on Snap Map, suggesting augmented reality lenses, responding to photo and video snaps, and setting custom names and avatars for AI personas via Bitmoji.

Despite being criticized for using OpenAI’s technology, Snap has ensured that the AI chatbot is moderated. If users abuse the service, the feature may be temporarily restricted. The AI is also trained to consider the age of the user messaging, which helps prevent chats from entering the unsafe territory. Parents can also track when their teens are chatting with their new AI friend through the app’s parental control feature, Family Center.

The expansion of My AI could be a significant milestone for the future of chatbots, as it showcases the potential for AI to provide a personalized and interactive experience for users. With more features and capabilities, AI chatbots can make it easier for users to find recommendations for things to do or get personalized answers to questions. As AI technology advances, we expect to see more companies adopt chatbots to enhance the user experience.

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