Mozilla Invests $30 Million in Open-Source AI Startup:


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Mozilla has announced a $30 million investment in a new startup called The startup aims to create a trusted and open-source artificial intelligence ecosystem. Moez Draief, a longtime AI researcher and scientist, will lead the new venture.

With the rise of AI products such as chatbots and image-generation tools, misinformation and deepfakes have become a growing concern. plans to address this issue by creating AI products that are transparent, accountable, and trustworthy. The startup will also be a gathering space for like-minded founders, developers, scientists, product managers, and builders outside big tech and academia.

The initial focus of will be to create tools that make generative AI safer and more transparent. The startup will also develop a human-centred recommender system that doesn’t misinform or undermine well-being. The company plans to work on creating a secure and transparent AI ecosystem for developers rather than competing directly with GPT-4, a popular AI language model.

Mozilla’s 2020 white paper, “Creating Trustworthy AI,” explored the issue of AI ethics and transparency. With the launch of, the company is taking a step further to influence the industry through policy and products. The startup’s vision is to turn the tide on creating an independent, decentralized, and trusted AI ecosystem — a true counterweight to the status quo.’s announcement did not reveal specific details on its plans. However, it is expected to release more information in the coming months. With its focus on transparency and accountability, the startup could help address some of the concerns surrounding the use of AI. By creating trustworthy AI products and fostering an open-source ecosystem, aims to make AI development safer and more accessible.

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