Atlassian Unveils Atlassian Intelligence: AI Virtual Teammates for Improved Collaboration and Productivity


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Atlassian, the Australian-based software provider known for its team collaboration and productivity software, has announced the integration of generative AI into its cloud software suite. The AI capability, called Atlassian Intelligence, was co-developed with OpenAI and will act as an AI virtual teammate for team collaboration.

Atlassian Intelligence has several key features, including integration with Jira Service Management (JSM), which provides immediate help to support teams and reduces repetitive requests. Additionally, it offers natural language support, including access to institutional knowledge and policies in Confluence, generating insights with Atlassian Analytics, and finding issues across all Jira products leveraging Jira Query Language (JQL). The latest release also enables users to summarize and extract information from content, generate new content using natural language prompts, and create bespoke glossaries, dictionaries, and knowledge graphs from enterprise data.

The head of product AI at Atlassian, Sherif Mansour, said, “As AI technology advances rapidly, we bring that power and magic to the full family of Atlassian Cloud products through Atlassian Intelligence, which can unlock the potential of every team. With over 20 years of data on how millions of software, IT, and business teams plan, track and deliver their work, Atlassian Intelligence helps teams understand the work.”

Atlassian Intelligence was unveiled at Atlassian’s annual flagship conference, Team ’23, which brought together notable speakers such as director James Cameron and CNN host Van Jones, along with Atlassian co-founders and co-CEOs Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar. The conference covered various topics such as Agile & DevOps, ITSM, and Openwork Management.

Atlassian Intelligence represents significant improvements in team collaboration and productivity powered by AI, further solidifying Atlassian’s position in the industry. With the integration of AI into its cloud software suite, Atlassian aims to provide teams with more efficient and effective collaboration tools that will streamline their workflows and make their work easier.

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