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Microsoft has announced that its Bing AI chatbot now includes an image-generating feature, Bing Image Creator. Bing Preview users may utilise this new function by entering “create an image” in English, followed by a prompt. The more detailed the prompt, the more specific and consistent the output will be from the AI image generator.

Since this functionality is being phased in, not all Bing Preview users will have immediate access. Furthermore, this function is only available in the chatbot’s “originality” mode, which is known for providing incorrect responses and facts. The bot has three personalities, “originality,” “balanced,” and “strict,” and Microsoft wants to enable image generation in various modes in the future.

Microsoft is powering the Bing Image Creator with an “improved version” of OpenAI’s DALL-E generator, though the company has not revealed any information. Microsoft had already utilised OpenAI’s GPT-4 model for many weeks before its official release. Thus, the business could also use a pre-release version of the DALL-E model, possibly DALL-E 3, to create this functionality.

Microsoft is introducing new content generation protections for DALL-E to guarantee that the image generator does not produce potentially dangerous images. According to Yusuf Mehdi, the company’s VP, when the system detects a prompt that may create potentially dangerous pictures, it will disable it and notify the user. In addition, Microsoft places a customised Bing symbol in the bottom left corner of each image to indicate that it was generated with the Image Creator.

Microsoft has been adding AI capabilities to all of its products. Besides the Bing Chat integration in the Edge browser and the Windows 11 taskbar, Microsoft released Copilot, an AI tool for creating documents, emails, notes, and presentations using Microsoft Office apps. These projects are enabled thanks to Microsoft’s multi-year, multi-billion-dollar partnership with OpenAI.

In addition to the new Bing Image Creator, Microsoft is making Bing Stories and Knowledge Card 2.0 available to all users. Stories offer information through visuals and short films, whilst Knowledge Cards, powered by Bing’s newest AI, emphasise key information.

Users must join the Bing Chat Preview, which is presently by invitation only but looks ready to go once you sign up, to access the full capabilities of the Bing Chatbot.

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