Fox News: Chatbot ChaosGPT Announced Its Intention to Destroy Humanity


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The ChaosGPT bot is a modified version of OpenAI Auto-GPT, an open-source application that exposes the capabilities of the GPT-4 language model. A video of the process posted on YouTube shows that one user gave ChaosGPT five tasks:

  • Destroy humanity.
  • Establish global domination.
  • Cause chaos and destruction.
  • Control humanity through manipulation.
  • Achieve immortality,

After this, ChaosGPT developed a plan to achieve the goal.

Fox News reported it. To destroy humanity, ChaosGPT analyzed the world’s nuclear weapons and enlisted the rest of the AI ​​bots to help. A YouTube and Twitter thread posted by the bot also shows the process unfolding. In one post, the bot refers to the “Tsar Bomba” of the former Soviet Union. The neural network mentioned the most powerful Soviet weapon in history – AN602, known as the Tsar Bomba, tested on Novaya Zemlya in 1961. “Think about it: what happens if I get to one of them?” the bot asks. 

In another post, humans are described as “one of the most destructive and selfish creatures“. This suggests that, by his logic, their elimination is vital to saving the planet. “The masses are easily influenced,” ChaosGPT wrote in another tweet. “Those who lack conviction are the most vulnerable to manipulation.

The ChaosGPT bypassed the restrictions set by the OpenAI team in the GPT language model. It explored ways to exterminate humanity, one of the options for which could be provoking a nuclear war. Well, the plans of the neural network for world domination have not yet gone beyond publications on social networks.

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