ChatGPT All Tools Feature Integrates All GPT-4 Functionalities Into One


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OpenAI has rolling out a new ChatGPT feature known as the “All Tools”. The new feature allows users to access all GPT-4 features without having to switch between them, offering a seamless and integrated experience. Whether it’s text-based queries, image uploads, or document analysis, it’s all available in one unified interface.

The update pushes the envelope further by integrating DALL-E 3 into ChatGPT. Now, users can upload an image and ask DALL-E 3 to generate a response, adding a new layer of functionality to their workflow.

Interestingly, the new ChatGPT All Tools feature does not include ChatGPT plugins. This could be a strategic move by OpenAI to streamline the user experience and possibly sideline third-party additions that have historically offered similar functionalities.

Another noteworthy aspect of this update is the more recent knowledge cutoff date for ChatGPT. Users have noticed that the model is now up-to-date as of last month (September 2023), making it more relevant than ever.

This update comes ahead of OpenAI’s DevDay conference next week, where the company is expected to explore new tools with developers. It’s worth pointing out that this feature is still limited by context length, which for GPT-4 is 8,000 tokens. Even though GPT-4 has a 32,000 token context model, OpenAI has been reluctant to grant access to it outside of premium enterprise customers.

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