ChatGPT Now Access the Internet and Third-Party Services with 70+ Plugins


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OpenAI has made a significant update to its ChatGPT platform, allowing chatbots to access the internet. The company has also moved its plugins, which allow third-party services to integrate with ChatGPT, from alpha to beta. These features are only available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers, who pay for access to additional chatbot features.

The plugins were initially released to insiders in March 2023, offering services such as OpenTable, Zapier, Expedia, Instacart, KAYAK, and Shopify. According to OpenAI, there are now over 70+ plugins available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers. ChatGPT Plus users need to go to the ChatGPT settings from the bottom left of the chatbot interface to access web browsing and plugins.

OpenAI has not yet announced when free users can access the plugins. However, developers who wish to make their applications accessible through ChatGPT can join a waiting list on the OpenAI website.

The move to allow chatbots to access the internet and third-party services is a significant step forward for the chatbot industry. By integrating with other services, chatbots can provide users with a more seamless experience and become more useful in various contexts.

This update from OpenAI comes just a week after Microsoft unveiled its Bing AI chatbot, which also features plugins that allow third-party services to integrate with the platform. Microsoft has announced major updates to its chatbot, including support for non-text images and videos, image generation, and a persistent Edge sidebar for AI features. The company has also announced that a plugin for Bing Chat is coming soon, with more details expected to be announced at the Microsoft Build conference scheduled for May 23-25.

Chatbots will undoubtedly become essential to our lives as they grow more intelligent and capable of connecting with a wide range of services. The decision by OpenAI to grant ChatGPT access to the internet and third-party services is a huge step forward for the chatbot sector. It will very certainly lead to even more fascinating advancements in the near future.

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