92% Of Developers Are Already Leveraging AI Tools In Their Coding Practices


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A recent survey by GitHub, in collaboration with Wakefield Research, reveals that a staggering 92% of developers are already leveraging AI tools in their coding practices. This trend is not a glimpse into the future but a reflection of the present reality of software development.

The survey, which involved 500 developers from large companies in the United States, aimed to understand the influence of AI on productivity, collaboration, and the overall developer experience. The findings were quite revealing. Developers are not just writing and submitting code; they are navigating a myriad of tools, environments, and technologies, including the emerging frontier of generative AI programming tools.

Interestingly, developers believe that AI tools like GitHub Copilot will enhance the quality of the code they create. They anticipate that AI coding tools will help them meet existing performance standards with improved code quality, faster outputs, and fewer production-level incidents. This optimism exists despite some academic studies suggesting that AI helpers like ChatGPT produce code that falls below minimal security standards.

The survey also highlighted a shift in how developers want their performance to be evaluated. Currently, developers are judged on metrics such as code quality, time to complete a task, number of production incidents, lines of code written, and number of bugs or issues resolved. However, with the introduction of AI coding tools, developers would prefer to be judged on the basis of code quality, time to complete a task, number of production incidents, lines of code written, and number of pull requests.

This shift suggests a need for reevaluating the way productivity and output are measured in software development. As AI tooling contributes to code volume, engineering leaders might need to question whether measuring code volume is still the best way to gauge productivity and output.

Developers also see AI as a path towards greater collaboration within teams and organizations. They believe that AI tools can help them develop their language coding skills, become more productive, focus on building and creating versus repetitive tasks, and prevent burnout. In essence, AI tools are seen as a means to enhance developer satisfaction, productivity, and organizational impact.

In conclusion, the integration of AI in software development is not a distant future but a present reality. As AI continues to evolve and improve, its role in software development is likely to become even more significant. Developers are embracing this change, seeing AI not as a threat but as an ally that can enhance their productivity, collaboration, and overall experience.

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