Google Seems to have Reorganized to Replace Google Assistant with Bard


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Google is reportedly undergoing a major organizational change, focusing more on its generative AI tool, Google Bard, and replacing its current main voice assistant, Google Assistant. This news was reported by CNBC, which obtained an internal memo for employees titled “Changes to Assistant and Bard teams”, showing changes to the Bard team.

According to the memo, Jianchang Mao, Google Assistant’s vice president of engineering, is leaving the company for personal reasons and will be replaced by Peeyush Ranjan, who has been with Google for 16 years. In addition, Amar Subramanya, the current vice president of engineering for Google Assistant, will lead the Bard team, while former lead engineer Trevor Strohman will become Bard’s area tech lead.

Google Bard is a generative AI tool similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which can answer most queries, but not always accurately. The tool has been labelled an experiment by the company and is often unable to provide satisfactory answers. However, despite shifting personnel to Bard development, it remains unclear if the tool will be able to address the accuracy issues that have plagued Google Assistant.

It is also unclear if users will continue to use Bard in its current state or if Google will integrate it into Google Assistant and access it from smartphones and smart speakers. Moreover, CNBC reports that Google is yet to decide how to monetize Bard, leaving the question open for discussion.

While the organizational change at Google is significant, it remains to be seen how successful the integration of Google Bard into the company’s portfolio will be. Currently, it seems that the accuracy issues with Google Assistant and Bard must be addressed to provide users with a satisfactory experience. However, with the reshuffling of personnel and the new leadership, Google may overcome these challenges and create a more seamless and efficient user experience.

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