Microsoft Reports That Bing Will Have A New GPT-4 Enhanced ChatGPT

Bing search engine news

Microsoft is reportedly incorporating a faster version of OpenAI’s ChatGPT called GPT-4 into its search engine Bing in the coming weeks.

This move aims to make Bing more competitive with Google, with GPT-4 providing users with more human-like answers to search queries. The main difference between ChatGPT and GPT-4 is speed. ChatGPT sometimes takes a few minutes to respond, but GPT-4 is said to be much quicker. 

The new version’s responses are also expected to be more detailed and human-like. This incorporation is expected to trigger new competition in the internet search market, which Google largely dominates.

Last month, rumours emerged that Microsoft was preparing a ChatGPT integration with Bing search results and bringing OpenAI AI ChatBot to apps like Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. 

Microsoft extended its partnership with OpenAI last week with a multi-billion dollar investment. CEO Satya Nadella recently said that Microsoft plans to make OpenAI’s foundational systems available as commercial platforms so entities in any industry can build on them.

The upcoming integration of ChatGPT into Microsoft products and the increased competition in internet search will be worth watching in the coming weeks.