Mullvad Browser: A New Tool for Online Privacy and Anonymity


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The Tor Project and Mullvad VPN service, specializing in web user privacy, has launched the Mullvad Browser, a new privacy-focused browser that provides anonymity while surfing and blocks various trackers. The browser is available as a free download for Windows, macOS, and Linux and a plugin for Firefox.

The development of the Mullvad browser was aimed at giving people more privacy options for everyday surfing and challenging the current business model of human behaviour data exploitation. 

“Today’s mass surveillance is absurd. The Mullvad browser increases the number of privacy alternatives for a wide range of users and makes life more difficult for those who collect data from you,” commented Jan Jonsson, head of Mullvad VPN service, on the project.

The Tor Project, which developed the popular, secure Tor browser, worked with Mullvad VPN to create the new Mullvad browser. The browser aims to make it harder for hackers and advertising companies to track users on the web. It minimizes the digital fingerprints of users, which could accurately identify their devices. Such fingerprints typically consist of information about the operating system and more specific details, such as the fonts used and the extensions installed. In this case, attackers don’t even need cookies, as the user’s device will give out a fingerprint regardless.

Mullvad makes it harder for sites to be fingerprinted by masking metadata. In addition, the browser blocks third-party cookies and trackers. It is equipped with two pre-installed plugins, which help to further obfuscate various tracking scripts. The browser has much in common with its famous “Onion” counterpart, Tor, as it is based on Mozilla Firefox. The main difference is using a VPN to connect to the web.

As with the Tor Browser, all Mullvad browser users are displayed as one, meaning the more people use the browser, the more effective their protection is. This feature minimizes the data the program collects, ensuring greater privacy for users.

The free browser is available for download for Windows, macOS, and Linux and as a plugin for Firefox.

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