Italian Regulator Demands OpenAI Meet Privacy Requirements for ChatGPT Resumption


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Italian Data Protection Authority (Garante) has demanded that OpenAI meet a list of requirements before it can resume operations in the country. The demands come in response to the ban on OpenAI’s AI-powered chatbot, ChatGPT, implemented over concerns about user privacy.

The regulator has requested OpenAI to clarify the methods and reasoning behind ChatGPT’s data processing for Italian users. Additionally, tools should be made available to enable users to easily edit their data. Moreover, for individuals who are not users, the regulator has urged OpenAI to allow objections to using their data in ChatGPT.

Italian regulator has also stated that it continues to investigate OpenAI for any violations of data protection regulations and reserves the right to take further measures if necessary. OpenAI has until April 30 to implement the changes requested by Garante.

This ban on ChatGPT is not the first time an AI-powered chatbot has been banned in Italy. In February, Garante banned Replika from using users’ data in the country due to concerns about the potential risks to minors and emotionally unstable people. This move by the Italian regulator could pave the way for similar restrictions to be imposed on AI chatbot services in other countries shortly.

The concerns expressed by Garante and other public figures about the impact of AI on people, jobs, and national security have grown as AI continues to surge in popularity. It is important for companies that use AI technology to prioritize data privacy and security to ensure they are not at risk of being banned in countries that take user privacy seriously.

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