Samsung Bans Employees from Using Generative AI Systems on Work Devices After Internal Source Code Leak


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Samsung Electronics has reportedly banned its employees from using generative AI systems such as ChatGPT on company devices following an internal source code leak. The leak occurred in April when engineers at the company accidentally uploaded internal source code to the ChatGPT platform.

Samsung is concerned that data transmitted to external servers via such platforms may be exposed to third parties and difficult to remove. As a result, the company has issued new rules prohibiting the use of generative AI systems on all company-owned devices and internal networks. Employees have also been warned not to publish company-related information on such systems when using personal devices. Violations of these new rules may result in dismissal.

Samsung’s decision to ban the use of generative AI systems is a significant move, as such systems are increasingly being used across various industries to automate tasks and generate content. These systems are trained using large datasets and designed to produce outputs similar to those produced by humans. However, as with any system that uses large amounts of data, there are concerns about privacy and security. The leak at Samsung highlights the risks associated with using AI systems that are not fully understood or properly secured.

Samsung’s decision to ban the use of generative AI systems on company devices highlights the risks associated with these systems, particularly regarding data privacy and security. The company’s leak of internal source code serves as a warning to other businesses looking to implement AI systems.

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