Samsung’s Corporate Data Leaked Due to the Use of ChatGPT


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Samsung Electronics corporate data was leaked due to the use of the ChatGPT chatbot. It has been revealed that three weeks ago, the South Korean tech giant’s employees began using the ChatGPT to optimize their workflow. Still, unfortunately, they failed to follow proper procedures and protocols, resulting in confidential Samsung data being leaked.

The first mistake occurred when an employee simply pasted the program code into ChatGPT and requested the AI tool to solve a problem. However, the employee failed to realize that this data entered the chatbot’s database and became part of its internal data. Other employees also tried to optimize the code similarly, further increasing the amount of leakage. The third leak occurred when a Samsung employee asked the AI to create meeting minutes.

The Korean edition of the Economist reported on the ChatGPT leaks, and sources in the company have confirmed that the leaks occurred due to the misuse of the chatbot by Samsung employees. In all three cases, confidential information became part of the knowledge base of the artificial intelligence system.

To prevent a recurrence of this situation, Samsung has taken steps to caution its employees not to share confidential information or critical data with the chatbot. The company has also reinforced security measures to ensure the safety of corporate data.

The ChatGPT chatbot leak at Samsung Electronics is a reminder of the importance of proper procedures and protocols in handling confidential information. Companies must educate their employees on handling sensitive data to avoid potential data breaches that can cause severe damage to the organization’s reputation and financial stability.

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