Stability AI Introduces Stable Doodle: A Powerful “Sketch to Image” Tool for High-Quality Image Generation


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Stability AI has unveiled a new tool called Stable Doodle. This “sketch to image” tool empowers users to effortlessly generate high-quality images based on simple sketches, regardless of their familiarity with AI tools.

Developed through a collaboration between Stability AI and AI-based image editing platform Clipdrop, Stable Doodle, along with the latest Stable Diffusion model, SDXL 0.9, is now freely accessible on Clipdrop via Stability AI’s website. This was made possible by Stability AI’s acquisition of Init ML, the creators of Clipdrop.

Stable Doodle is designed to cater to both experienced users and novices, allowing anyone with basic drawing skills and internet access to create original high-quality images within seconds. The tool offers 14 artistic styles to choose from through Stable Diffusion XL, ranging from realistic photography to cinematic aesthetics, imaginative fantasy art, and origami-inspired designs.

The functionality of Stable Doodle is made possible by combining Stability AI’s Stable Diffusion XL image generation technology with the T2I-Adapter, developed by Tencent ARC (License). The T2I-Adapter is a precision condition control solution that enhances AI image generation by introducing learnable parameters to existing large-scale diffusion models. It allows the incorporation of additional input conditions such as sketches, segmentation maps, and key poses.

The T2I-Adapter enables simultaneous support for multiple models, enhancing control over the image generation process. In the case of Stable Doodle, the T2I-Adapter complements the pre-trained text image model (SDXL), enabling it to understand sketch contours and generate images based on prompts combined with defined contours.

With approximately 77 million parameters, the T2I-Adapter network provides additional guidance to pre-trained text image (SDXL) models while preserving the integrity of the original large-scale text image model.

Users can now try Stable Doodle on Clipdrop’s website and smartphone apps for both Android and iOS platforms. The tool aims to benefit professionals and amateurs alike, offering significant potential for industries ranging from education to creative design, as highlighted by Stability AI.

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