Adobe Introduces AI-Powered Text-Based Editing and Automatic Tonemapping in Latest Premiere Pro Update


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Adobe has unveiled a new range of updates, including the latest version of Premiere Pro with AI-powered text-based video editing features. 

The update aims to make life simpler for video professionals and creators by automating time-consuming tasks so they can focus on producing high-quality content faster. The update also introduces an automatic tone mapping feature and dozens of user-requested improvements, addressing the challenges of preparing for the massive content demand in applications such as the Metaverse.

In post-production workflows, Adobe’s text-based editing tool will be seen as a game changer. Premiere Pro is the only professional editing programme that includes this feature. Adobe is revolutionizing how creators approach their work by making video editing as easy as copying and pasting text. 

The text-based editing powered by Adobe Sensei automatically analyzes and transcribes clips. Editors, producers, and assistants can copy and paste text in any order and see it appear instantly on the timeline. In the Transcript box, you may search for certain words and phrases in transcripts.

With the demand for content increasing rapidly, video creators need tools to deliver high-quality content faster than ever. Adobe’s machine learning and AI framework, Adobe Sensei, is used to streamline video workflows and deliver AI-powered editing that saves production teams valuable time and significantly reduces costs.

Adobe will announce the latest Premiere Pro and After Effects releases, including text-based editing and automatic tonemapping in Premiere Pro and a beta version of the Properties panel in After Effects at the 2023 NAB Show in Las Vegas. The update will be displayed at the event and generally available in May 2023.

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