Google Bard set to launch paid version, following ChatGPT’s lead


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Google has announced that its AI chatbot, Google Bard, will soon offer a paid version, emulating the business model of its competitor, ChatGPT — aiming to capitalize on the growing demand for advanced AI chatbot services.

The decision to introduce a paid version comes on the heels of Google’s unveiling of Gemini, its latest AI language model, in December 2023. Google Bard, which initially operated on a free model, has integrated Gemini to enhance its performance significantly. Gemini is available in various versions, including Nano and Pro, with the most sophisticated version, Gemini Ultra, expected to be released later this year.

The paid variant, dubbed “Bard Advanced,” will incorporate the capabilities of Gemini Ultra. This information came to light through findings by developer Dylan Roussel, who noticed hints of a subscription model on the Google Bard website. A key feature of Bard Advanced is a three-month trial offering a more capable large language model with enhanced reasoning and mathematical skills.

One of the most notable features of Google Bard Advanced is internally named “Motoko.” This feature will allow users to create their own chatbots using Gemini Ultra. While specific details about Motoko are still under wraps.

Google Bard’s move into the paid sector mirrors that of OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus, launched in February 2023 at $20 per month. ChatGPT Plus offers several improvements over its predecessor, including reduced wait times, faster responses, and priority access to new features. It also allows users to create custom chatbots without needing programming skills. To compete effectively with ChatGPT Plus, Google Bard Advanced will need to offer unique features or competitive pricing.

In addition to improving Google Bard, the company is keen on enabling developers to utilize its AI technology. This was evidenced by the release of an API in December for integrating Gemini Pro into Android applications, signaling a push towards broader AI application in software development.

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