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Google has accelerated the deployment of Gemini, its cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. Just a week after its announcement, Google is eager to broaden Gemini’s usage. To fuel this expansion, they’re leveraging one of their most popular products — Android.

Google has just revealed that developers can now integrate Gemini into their Android applications. Businesses can also harness Gemini in their workflows, thanks to the release of the Gemini API. This suite of tools is accessible via Google AI Studio and Google Cloud Vertex AI.

Currently, the API grants access only to Gemini Pro solutions, which process data on Google’s servers, not on user devices. This enables developers to create apps with generative text functions, as Gemini is a multimodal language model capable of generating and interpreting content, including text and images.

However, integrating Gemini Pro isn’t always free. To avoid charges, API usage must stay below 60 queries per minute. Exceeding this limit incurs fees based on the number of requests. The pricing details are as follows:

  • Data Input: $0.00025 per 1,000 characters entered; $0.0025 per image entered.
  • Data Output: $0.0005 per 1,000 characters of output.

Currently, developers are limited to the free plan, likely a temporary measure while they familiarize themselves with the API and conduct initial tests. With support for 38 languages, Gemini Pro caters to developers and users in over 180 countries.

Google is betting big on Gemini, especially in the face of competition from rivals like OpenAI, in partnership with Microsoft. The launch of the Gemini Pro API opens a realm of possibilities, limited only by developers’ creativity. Google plans to integrate Gemini into Chrome and Firebase next, and next year, they aim to launch Gemini Ultra for even more complex tasks.

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