Google Announces Studio Bot: An AI-Based Coding Tool for Android Developers


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During this year’s Google I/O event, the tech giant unveiled a new AI-based coding tool for Android developers called Studio Bot. The new tool will help build programs by generating code, fixing bugs, and answering questions about the operating system. 

Studio Bot is built on Codey, Google’s core coding model based on the updated PaLM 2, the company’s next-generation large language model. The bot supports Kotlin and Java programming languages, and developers can access it directly from the Android Studio toolbar.

The main interface for interacting with Studio Bot is a chat window, where developers can ask questions, write code, or prompt the bot to open a documentation page for more information on specific topics. Studio Bot can also find and fix errors in code, making the coding process more efficient and less time-consuming.

While the bot is still in training, it is already available to US developers through the Canary channel. However, no information has been provided regarding a global release.

Studio Bot is a natural progression of Google’s efforts to simplify the coding process. The company has been updating its Bard chatbot with new features to help developers generate, customize, and explain lines of code. Studio Bot is designed to answer various questions about Android applications in natural language, generate code, and analyze logs.

In a demo video, Google showcased how developers can use the bot to generate code for adding a dark theme to their application. When developers click the “Add to Editor” button, the generated code is automatically reflected in the code in Android Studio’s code editor. Additionally, if an application crashes, developers can ask StudioBot about the log entry, and the bot will parse the log and suggest a fix for the crash.

While Studio Bot is still in its early stages of development, Google plans to continue enhancing it in the future. As the tool evolves, it has the potential to simplify the development process even further and make coding more approachable for developers of all skill levels.

It has the potential to improve development efficiency and accessibility for developers of all skill levels by producing code, solving issues, and providing answers. Even though it is still in its early phases, Studio Bot’s potential to simplify coding appears to have a bright future.

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