Hugging Face Dives into Robotics with Open-Source Project Led by Former Tesla Scientist


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Hugging Face, renowned for its vast repository of open-source AI tools and pre-trained models focusing on natural language processing (NLP), is venturing into the uncharted territories of robotics.

The company has now announced the launch of an open-source robotics project led by former Tesla staff scientist aims to build real, low-cost robotic systems that integrate AI technologies, particularly in deep learning and embodied AI.

Remi Cadene, who joined Hugging Face after a three-year tenure with Tesla, where he worked on the Optimus humanoid robot, shared his excitement on X, revealing his move and calling for engineers to join this ambitious project in Paris, France.

job listing for an “Embodied Robotics Engineer” reveals more about the project’s scope, indicating a focus on designing, building, and maintaining robotic systems that are both innovative and cost-effective, leveraging off-the-shelf components and 3D printed parts.

Cadene’s announcement emphasized the project’s open-source nature, distinguishing it from other initiatives by emphasizing collaboration and accessibility. The project’s commitment to being “open-source, not as in Open AI,” highlights a friendly jab at OpenAI.

Hugging Face, initially celebrated for maintaining a vast repository of machine learning and AI code, along with its notable open-source ChatGPT rival, Hugging Chat.

This initiative comes at a time when the interest in humanoid robotics is experiencing a surge, with Tesla unveiling its Optimus project and OpenAI partnering with Figure, an AI robotics company. Hugging Face’s entry into this competitive arena, powered by Cadene’s expertise and a commitment to open-source principles, is set to spark a new wave of innovation in robotics.

What sets Hugging Face’s robotics project apart is its open-source nature, inviting collaboration from engineers and developers worldwide. By leveraging the collective genius of the global tech community, Hugging Face aims to accelerate the development of robotics technologies that are more inclusive, innovative, and impactful.

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