Nvidia’s Project GR00T to Revolutionize Robotics with AI-Powered Humanoid Capabilities


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Nvidia has introduced Project GR00T, a sophisticated multimodal AI designed to be the brains behind the next generation of humanoid robots.

Project GR00T, named as a nod to the popular Marvel character but standing for Generalist Robot 00 Technology, is an advanced AI system engineered to process inputs ranging from text and speech to videos and live demonstrations, enabling humanoid robots to perform a wide array of general actions. Developed on the backbone of Nvidia’s Isaac Robotic Platform, GR00T leverages a new Isaac Lab designed specifically for reinforcement learning. Further enhancing the platform are the Isaac Manipulator and Isaac Perceptor, offering advanced tools for robotic arms and autonomous navigation in unstructured environments, respectively. 

Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, emphasized the transformative potential of GR00T, stating, “Building foundation models for general humanoid robots is one of the most exciting problems to solve in AI today.” He further highlighted the collaborative efforts of global roboticists in advancing artificial general robotics, fueled by Nvidia’s technological advancements.

To support the deployment of GR00T, Nvidia introduced the Jetson Thor chip, tailor-made for humanoid applications. This development is complemented by significant progress in AI-powered industrial arms and robots adept at navigating complex environments, marking a significant stride in robotics technology.

With its ability to understand and process natural language, speech, and visual demonstrations, GR00T empowers robots with human-like coordination, dexterity, and adaptability. During the GTC keynote, Huang showcased GR00T-powered robots from companies like Agility Robotics, Apptronik, and Unitree Robotics, executing tasks with remarkable precision and efficiency.

Deepu Talla, Nvidia’s vice president, provided insights into GR00T’s capabilities, hinting at the project’s use of cutting-edge generative AI and transformer technology. However, specifics about the full range of GR00T’s capabilities remain under wraps, with promises of future revelations.

Nvidia’s foray into embodied AI is bolstered by collaborations with leading entities like OpenAI, which backs startups like 1X Technologies and Figure in the domain. These partnerships have already yielded impressive results, such as Figure’s robot, which demonstrated routine chore handling, powered by a large vision-language model.

Talla revealed that currently, only a select group of humanoid developers have access to GR00T, but plans are underway to broaden this access, integrating more humanoid and other robotic forms.

With Project GR00T in its early access phase, Nvidia is gearing up to expand the technology’s reach, promising a new era of AI-powered humanoid robotics. The company’s vision, embodied in the Jetson Thor computing platform and the enhanced Isaac Robotics tools, sets the stage for a future where robots can seamlessly integrate into various aspects of human life.

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