Quora Poe Now Allow Anyone to Create AI Chatbots Based on ChatGPT and Claude


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Quora’s latest offering, Poe, has added a new feature allowing users to create their chatbots by combining their prompts with AI chatbots like ChatGPT and Claude

This new feature opens up a world of possibilities for Quora users, who can now instruct chatbots to perform particular tasks and use prompts to output text in the style of their favourite author, in a particular format, and more.

Poe initially debuted with support for several popular AI chatbots, including Sage and Dragonfly, powered by OpenAI technology, and Claude, powered by Anthropic. Last month, Poe released a subscription that offers paid access to more powerful bots based on its new language model, OpenAI’s GPT-4 and Anthropic’s Claude+. According to the company, Poe is the only consumer internet product to access either Claude or Claude+.

Users can access the bot from Poe’s iOS or Android apps on the mobile web or via the desktop web interface. When users find a bot they like, they can follow the bot button so they can easily come back to it later.

Some users have already used the feature to create bots for practical purposes like travel planning and learning math and for fun purposes like dating. However, Poe’s platform guidelines are limited to uses that may cause problems such as hate speech, violence, illegal activities, fraud, and infringement of intellectual property rights.

Despite other AI chatbot apps flooding the market, consumer demand for Poe is growing steadily, with Poe’s mobile app version boasting 1,170,000 installs and reaching $520,000 in gross sales, ranking 32nd in the App Store’s Productivity category. The new feature will likely attract more users to Poe as it provides a simple interface for anyone to get the most value out of AI.

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