Samsung Enters the Generative AI Arena with Gauss


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Samsung has recently announced the launch of Gauss, its proprietary generative AI model. This innovative technology, named in honor of the renowned mathematician and astronomer Carl Friedrich Gauss, marks Samsung’s entry into the rapidly evolving realm of generative artificial intelligence.

Samsung’s AI model was unveiled at an artificial intelligence forum organized by the company. Gauss is a multifaceted AI capable of processing natural language, generating and editing images, and even assisting users in programming tasks. Currently, Gauss is exclusively available to Samsung’s employees, but plans are underway to integrate it into various Samsung products in the future.

Developed by Samsung Research, Gauss is designed to operate both in the cloud and on devices. This dual capability underscores Samsung’s commitment not only to advancing AI technology but also to ensuring its safe application. In response to potential security and privacy concerns, Samsung has committed to vigilant monitoring and the elimination of any issues that may arise.

The inception of Gauss is particularly noteworthy in light of a recent incident involving Samsung employees who leaked confidential information while using ChatGPT to troubleshoot coding errors. This led to a ban on the use of third-party chatbots by Samsung employees and possibly accelerated the development of Gauss.

Samsung Gauss comprises three distinct models: Language, Code, and Image. The Gauss Language model specializes in creating and processing natural text, including summarizing and translating documents, and composing emails. The Gauss Code model is an AI-assisted platform designed to support Samsung engineers in programming, featuring an assistant named code.i. The Gauss Image model focuses on the creation and editing of images, with the ability to generate high-resolution images from low-resolution sources.

While the exact timeline for Gauss’s integration into Samsung products remains unclear, the company is currently using this AI model to optimize employee productivity. It is anticipated that Samsung will gradually implement Gauss technology across its product range, including mobile phones, tablets, watches, computers, and smart home devices.

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