Shutterstock Launches Proprietary AI-Assisted Image Creation Tool, Shutterstock Generate


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Shutterstock, the leading provider of stock photography, illustrations, and video, has announced the release of Shutterstock Generate, its proprietary AI-assisted image creation tool

Shutterstock Generate, created in collaboration with OpenAI, one of the world’s best artificial intelligence labs, allows users to generate pictures from text prompts, making it a powerful and simple tool for creative professionals.

The new tool is based on OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 model, a powerful AI model that can generate pictures from text descriptions. This tool enables users to quickly and easily produce high-quality images that are adapted to their specific needs without extensive technical knowledge or experience.

One of the main advantages of Shutterstock Generate is that it allows users to create legally enforceable images. This is a big advantage over other image-generating technologies that have been the subject of copyright infringement lawsuits. Getty Images, one of Shutterstock’s main rivals, is now investigating the usage of images developed with Stability AI’s Stable Diffusion Generative Algorithm on the Getty Images platform.

Shutterstock’s collaboration with OpenAI gives the firm a substantial competitive edge. Shutterstock also announced a partnership with Meta, the owner of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, in addition to its partnership with OpenAI. As a part of this agreement, Meta will develop datasets for its AI algorithms using Shutterstock’s photo and media collections. Shutterstock will access a tremendous quantity of data and resources due to this collaboration, allowing the company to innovate and build new AI-based products and services.

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