Stability for Blender: Stability AI Brings Generative AI To Blender For Custom Textures, Effects And Animations


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Blender, the popular open-source 3D computer graphics software, now includes a sophisticated generative AI tool that may assist artists in creating custom material swiftly and cost-effectively.

Stability AI has announced “Stability for Blender,” a new tool created by Generative AI. This tool blends Stable Diffusion’s image creation technology into an open-source 3D tool that allows users to build AI-based textures, effects, and animations. 

The free application requires an API key and an internet connection to function. Unlike other AI tools, it does not require software dependencies or a specialised GPU, so users may easily utilise it on their laptops. According to Stability.AI, integrating this technique into Blender would save developers time and allow them to generate fully customised content.

Stability for Blender demo

One of the most important aspects of Stability for Blender is its ability to generate AI-based textures, effects, and animations from renderings or just written descriptions. This implies that even those without prior 3D modelling knowledge may easily generate high-quality 3D animations. However, it is crucial to note that users cannot design a 3D object from the start, which would require using another tool, such as Point-E.

Stability for Blender is a wonderful tool for artists who wish to add generative AI into their work without worrying about copyright restrictions. This is due to the tool’s reliance on the source content, eliminating any legal issues that may emerge from using copyrighted items. 

Furthermore, the tool has much potential for producing unique and creative material. In recent years, the use of generative AI in art has grown in popularity, with numerous artists investigating the potential of AI-generated art. Adding Blender Stability is another step towards making AI-generated art more accessible and user-friendly.

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