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Wi-Fi scanner apps for Android — one of the best categories of security tools available for Android to detect who is using our Wi-Fi without permission and also find out if there are any suspicious vulnerabilities or security issues within the network

While WiFi networks offer the benefit of the greater flexibility that is lacking in wired networks, they are more complicated to manage. Wi-Fi networks are not always well secured, and problems can arise at any time. So, using a Wi-Fi network work scanner is essential.

A Wi-Fi scanner is a tool that is designed to allow the user to identify nearby wireless networks and provide details of various network characteristics and statistics. They are one of the essential tools needed when planning, installing and maintaining a WiFi network.

If we suddenly lose the signal — which happens sometimes — of the wireless network and are unable to surf, we must start a scan of the Wi-Fi networks, using a Wi-Fi scanner app for Android and view all the connected devices, so as to check if there are some devices that we don’t know about.

In this article, we are listing some of the best Wi-Fi scanner apps for Android that provide information on the name of the network, which router generates it and which devices are connected. 

Some of these apps do allow checking the signal strength, but that’s not their main function. The main function is to scan the network to which we are already connected, thus showing useful information for a network administrator (for example, obtaining the IP address) or checking if there are any devices that are connected.

Best Wi-Fi Scanner Apps For Android:

1. Fing

Fing is one the most popular and efficient Wi-Fi scanner apps for Android. This Wi-Fi network management app scans and displays all devices connected to your network, helps identify unauthorized access, and enhances network security. With Fing, you can easily find the IP address, name, and MAC address of each device connected to your network. The app also features tools to test Wi-Fi speed, assess internet availability, and perform network diagnostics. Its user-friendly design makes it suitable for both experts and novices in network management, offering a comprehensive solution for maintaining a secure and efficient Wi-Fi connection.

2. IP Tools: Wi-Fi Analyzer

IP Tools is a versatile Android app designed for network analysis and optimization. It’s ideal for both home users and IT professionals, offering features like Wi-Fi and LAN scanning, DNS lookup, and router management. The app simplifies network troubleshooting, providing detailed information about IP addresses, signal strengths, and connectivity issues. Its user-friendly interface allows for quick diagnostics and optimization of network performance, making it a handy tool for enhancing Wi-Fi and internet connectivity.

3. NetMan

NetMan is a multifunctional app designed for optimizing and monitoring internet connections. Key features include an Internet Speed Test to evaluate connection speeds, a Network Scanner for analyzing network environments, and a Wi-Fi Scanner to assess Wi-Fi strength and coverage. The app is user-friendly and supports multiple languages, catering to a diverse user base.

4. RedBox Network Scanner

RedBox Network Scanner is a practical and easy-to-use app for network analysis and diagnostics. It offers key features like detailed network scanning, device discovery, and internet speed tests. Users can identify devices connected to their network, including IP addresses and manufacturer details, which is helpful for security checks. The speed test function aids in assessing internet performance.

5. Network Analyzer

Network Analyzer offers features like detecting all devices on a Wi-Fi network, providing detailed network information, and tools for security audits. The app includes a Wi-Fi/LAN scanner, Ping utility, port scanner, and DNS lookup function. Its user-friendly interface makes network management and troubleshooting accessible for everyone, from network administrators to individuals managing their home networks.

6. Who is on my Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi Scan

Who is on my Wi-Fi serves as a powerful tool for anyone looking to monitor and secure their Wi-Fi network. With its ability to detect users on your Wi-Fi, it offers an added layer of protection against unauthorized access. By showing you who is connected to your Wi-Fi, it enables you to take necessary actions, such as blocking unauthorized users, directly from the app. With features like user detection, device history, and access to router settings, it’s an easy-to-use tool for ensuring network security and managing Wi-Fi access effectively.

7. Network Utilities

Network Utilities is designed for system administrators and network enthusiasts. Key features include IP discovery to find all devices in a Wi-Fi network, an IP range scanner for host searching, a Bonjour browser, and tools like Ping and Traceroute. It also boasts a robust port scanner for both TCP and UDP, DNS records, an IP calculator, and Whois functionality. For convenience, it includes Wake On Lan and displays network information, such as external IP and connection details. The app provides a Wi-Fi analyzer and traffic statistics tools, server checker for various protocols, and a Telnet and SSH client, which can be used as a terminal emulator. Additionally, it offers UPnP scan & control for discovering and managing UPnP devices in your network.

8. PortDroid

PortDroid is a comprehensive network analysis app for Android, ideal for network administrators, penetration testers, and tech enthusiasts. It features a port scanner for investigating open TCP ports and integrates with external applications for various protocols. The app includes local network discovery, identifying devices on Wi-Fi and analyzing their details. Its Wi-Fi analyzer assesses nearby networks and signal strength, including 6Ghz network support. Additional tools include Ping for testing host responsiveness, Traceroute for mapping packet paths, and DNS lookup for detailed website analysis. PortDroid is customizable and continuously updated, and it offers a Pro version with enhanced features.

9. PingTools Network Utilities

PingTools Network Utilities is an all-in-one network management app for Android devices. It offers a range of tools including a local-area network viewer, ping tests, and traceroute. The app also features a port scanner, UPnP/DLNA device scanner, and a Wi-Fi scanner. Users can perform network performance measurements and tuning with tools like iPerf and SpeedTest.

10. Network IP Port Scanner

Network IP Port Scanner is an ethical hacker network IP scanner and cybersecurity tool available on the Google Play Store. It allows users to conduct comprehensive network scans, identifying vulnerabilities by scanning 65,535 ports in under two minutes. The app features device and service discovery, history tracking, and report exporting, all within an integrated cyber platform. Regular updates have enhanced its performance and features, including improved SDK support and an integrated CVE AI engine. RoboShadow is a valuable tool for anyone looking to secure their network with professional-grade.

Although most of the Wi-Fi scanner tools for Android listed here can only be used by computer network experts or geeks.

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