Apple in Talks with Google to Integrate Gemini AI into iPhones, Aiming to Boost iOS 18 Capabilities


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Apple is reportedly in advanced discussions to integrate Google’s Gemini AI engine into its iPhone product line. This potential collaboration aims to empower the forthcoming iOS 18 with enhanced AI-driven features.

Apple’s interest in Gemini, a comprehensive suite of generative AI models developed by Google, comes as the tech giant seeks to boost the intelligence and versatility of its devices. According to Bloomberg, insiders familiar with the matter, this partnership would enable Apple to leverage Gemini’s capabilities, enhancing its native apps and services with advanced AI functionalities.

Apple plans to unveil a slew of new features in iOS 18, focusing on local processing rather than cloud-dependent services. This strategy aims to improve the performance and privacy of AI applications on iPhones, with generative AI technology expected to supercharge apps like Siri and Messages, aiding in sophisticated tasks such as question answering and text auto-completion.

The company’s approach to integrating generative AI into its ecosystem extends to various applications, including Apple Music, Pages, Keynote, and Xcode. By doing so, Apple is positioning itself to manage more complex AI tasks directly on its devices, ensuring a seamless and integrated user experience.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has remained tight-lipped about the company’s specific AI plans but has indicated substantial investment in the area. “I won’t delve into specifics, as our policy is to keep development details confidential, but rest assured we are heavily invested in this area,” Cook stated in a recent earnings call. The discussions between Apple and Google on AI collaboration are ongoing, with any formal announcement unlikely before the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June.

Apple’s negotiations with Google over Gemini integration follow its earlier discussions with OpenAI. The move also aligns with the industry trend towards more sophisticated AI applications in consumer technology, as demonstrated by Google’s collaboration with Samsung to incorporate Gemini in the Galaxy S24.

While Apple is considering external AI partnerships, it has not shied away from developing its own AI technologies. Reports indicate that Apple employees are testing an in-house chatbot, dubbed Apple GPT, and have developed a large language model known as Ajax. The company recently unveiled the MM1, its new family of multimodal AI models, with the largest model boasting 30 billion parameters. Additionally, Apple’s acquisition of DarwinAI, a Canadian startup specializing in machine vision and smart manufacturing, underscores its strategic investments in AI development.

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