Apple GPT: Ajax Is Said To Be Apple’s First Large Language Model


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In an effort to compete with industry leaders OpenAI and Google, Apple is working diligently on its own generative AI tools and services, spearheaded by its proprietary large-scale language model framework named “Ajax.” 

According to Bloomberg‘s tech reporter Mark Gurman, the tech giant’s ambitious project has become a top priority as it strives to catch up with its rivals in the rapidly advancing field of artificial intelligence.

Apple’s Ajax framework, initially established to streamline machine learning development, has shifted its focus to the development of generative AI techniques, leading to the creation of its very own large language model, tentatively known as “Apple GPT.” Gurman’s sources revealed that multiple teams are collaborating to address and overcome privacy concerns associated with AI technology.

Although Apple has already incorporated AI-related improvements into its Search, Siri, and Maps features using the Ajax system, the company is now taking it a step further. The framework is being utilized to create large-scale language models that will serve as the foundation for Apple’s internal ChatGPT-style tools, potentially revolutionizing how users interact with their devices.

Interestingly, before embarking on this independent AI endeavour, Apple reportedly explored a partnership with OpenAI, even testing the latter’s technology for its enterprise teams. However, the collaboration did not materialize, leading Apple to invest in its proprietary framework based on Google’s Jax machine learning framework.

With a significant focus on enhancing Siri’s capabilities, Apple aims to revitalize its voice assistant, which has seen little development compared to other AI-powered products in the Apple ecosystem. As the company looks forward to a major AI-related announcement in the coming year, the specific strategy for releasing AI technology directly to consumers remains undecided, with different management approaches under consideration.

One source close to the matter disclosed that Apple has already begun deploying “Apple GPT” internally for employee use, harnessing app-generated data for customer-facing features. Described as similar to Google Bard and Microsoft Bing AI, the Apple chatbot is accessible via a web browser, albeit lacking any groundbreaking features or technologies.

The timeline for the public rollout of Apple’s new AI advancements remains uncertain. Apple’s chatbots’ availability and accessibility to the general consumer base and their compatibility with other non-Apple platforms are still up in the air. However, insiders affirm that Apple’s dedication to advancing AI technology within its ecosystem is unwavering, and privacy concerns will remain a key aspect of its development process.

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