Generative Fill: Adobe Adds Generative AI Capabilities to Photoshop


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Adobe has made a significant commitment to the field of generative AI with the introduction of Firefly, a comprehensive set of generative AI tools and features for multiple applications within its Creative Cloud suite. Although initially showcased in Photoshop, Adobe plans to expand the integration of AI capabilities to other tools in its Creative Cloud, Document Cloud, Experience Cloud, and Adobe Express offerings. One of the key features introduced is Generative Fill, which is currently in beta testing but will be available to the general public later this year.

Generative Fill in Photoshop is designed to transform images in a way that they look beautiful from any angle. It analyzes various aspects of the photograph, including lighting, style, and perspective, before using generative AI to create visually stunning results. This powerful tool allows users to bring their visions to life quickly and easily.

In addition to Generative Fill, Adobe has introduced text-based prompts that enable users to actively modify their images by adding or removing objects. All edits are done in layers, ensuring full control over the creative adjustments. The generative AI capabilities in Photoshop are powered by Firefly, a system trained on a vast collection of professionally licensed, high-resolution images from Adobe Stock. This ensures that generated content is safe for commercial use and respects intellectual property rights.

Adobe’s generative AI capabilities offer non-destructive editing, allowing users to experiment with various creative possibilities without permanently altering the original image. This enables quick iteration and exploration of different concepts. The collaborative creation aspect encourages users to experiment with crazy ideas and generate endless variations of high-quality content at the speed of their imagination.

Generative Fill is available as a web tool through the Firefly Beta module, allowing users to try out the new features on the web. Adobe has also announced that the generative AI capabilities are not limited to the beta version but are also available in the desktop app, allowing Photoshop users to utilize these powerful tools immediately. The company plans to roll out this update to the general user base later this year.

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