AI-Powered Search: The Game-Changing Integration of Bing and ChatGPT


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Just over 100 days ago, Microsoft unveiled a new era of search with the introduction of an AI-powered Bing and Edge, transforming the way we interact with the web. This transformation has seen significant strides, with users engaging in more than half a billion chats and creating over 200 million images with Bing Image Creator. The Bing mobile app downloads have also seen an 8-fold increase since its launch.

Bing and ChatGPT: A Powerful Partnership

At the heart of this progress is Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI. This collaboration has led to the integration of Bing Search into ChatGPT, making Bing the default search experience for ChatGPT. This integration means that ChatGPT’s responses can now be grounded in recent web searches and data, providing more timely and up-to-date answers. Users can also access citations for further information, all within the chat interface.

The Power of AI Plugins

Microsoft and OpenAI are jointly committed to supporting and growing the AI plugins ecosystem. Developers can now use one platform to build and submit plugins that work across both consumer and business surfaces, including ChatGPT, Bing Chat, Dynamics 365 Copilot, Microsoft 365 Copilot, and Windows Copilot.

Bing is expanding its support for plugins, welcoming Expedia, Instacart, Kayak, Klarna, Redfin, TripAdvisor, and Zillow to its ecosystem, in addition to the previously announced plugins for OpenTable and Wolfram Alpha. These plugins, integrated directly into chat, allow Bing to make relevant recommendations based on user conversations.

Expanding Opportunities

Here are some of the exciting opportunities these plugins offer:

  • Expedia: Travelers can enjoy a seamless, conversational trip planning experience.
  • Instacart: Users can convert a dinner menu into a shopping list and place an order for delivery from their favorite grocery retailer.
  • Kayak: The plugin acts as a virtual travel assistant, bringing some of Kayak’s most popular features to life in new and more conversational ways.
  • Klarna: Offers a highly personalized and intuitive shopping experience by providing curated product recommendations.
  • Redfin: Users can describe their ideal home in everyday terms and Bing Chat will find listings that suit their needs.
  • TripAdvisor: Leverages the world’s largest travel guidance platform to help users become better travelers.
  • Zillow: Provides additional housing and market information to boost your Bing search.

Bing Across Microsoft’s Copilots

With the announcement of Windows Copilot, Bing Chat is set to be integrated more robustly into Windows 11. This integration enables plugins to be enhanced through applications on Windows, making it easier than ever to get personalized answers, relevant suggestions, and take quick actions.

The past 100 days have been critical in the development of the new era of AI-powered search. As users engage with Bing and Edge in profoundly new ways, it’s clear that the transformation of search is well underway. The future of search is here, and it’s more exciting than ever.

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