Microsoft Adopts Rust for Improved Security in Windows 11, while Linux Pushes Ahead with Rust Optimizations


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Rust is swiftly gaining favour among developers owing to its safety, security, and memory safety features. Rust has been receiving more attention recently, with Microsoft adopting Rust code at the heart of the kernel to improve the security of Windows 11. 

However, it’s not just Windows 11 that is becoming Rust. Linux is also pushing ahead with the introduction of Rust, and the latest Linux patch reveals that kernel version 6.4 has received more optimizations that help reduce the need for “unsafe” code.

The move to adopt Rust is not surprising, as it has been gaining in popularity among developers, and its use in Windows 11 and Linux is a clear sign that it is becoming more widely adopted. The adoption of Rust will help improve the security of both operating systems and make them more reliable.

The pin-init API, added to Rust’s core, is a significant step forward for the language. It solves the secure pin initialization problem and reduces the need for “unsafe” code in the kernel when dealing with data structures that require stable addresses. This is a significant step forward for Rust, making it even more helpful for developers.

Besides Rust, both Windows 11 and Linux have received improvements when it comes to filesystem performance. On the Windows side, there is ReFS, while on Linux, there are improvements to F2FS, Btrfs, EXT4, and the unofficial NTFS. These improvements are essential for the overall performance of the operating systems.

The use of Rust will help improve the security of both Windows 11 and Linux, and adding the pin-init API is a crucial step forward for the language.

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