Apple Ventures into Generative AI: Multiple Job Postings Reveal Hiring Spree


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Apple is once again making headlines in the field of artificial intelligence, with new job listings revealing that the corporation is aggressively trying to employ many generative AI specialists. This development signals that Apple is preparing to enter the generative AI race, joining the likes of other industry behemoths.

According to a job posting spotted by TechCrunch, Apple is looking to recruit professionals with expertise in various areas, including integrated systems experience, input experience, natural language processing (NLP), technical development groups, and machine learning research and development (R&D). Additionally, the company is considering the hiring of a “Visual Generative Modeling Research Engineer” who will play a crucial role in enhancing applications such as computational photography, image and video editing, 3D shape and motion reconstruction, and avatar generation. The focus will be on “Visual Generative Modeling,” a key aspect of generative AI.

This development comes as a surprise to some, as Apple had previously banned the use of technologies like ChatGPT by its employees due to security concerns. However, this move does not imply that the company is averse to AI itself, as evidenced by the availability of ChatGPT on the official App Store.

While Apple’s official announcement regarding its generative AI projects is likely to be some time away, the fact that the company is actively recruiting experts in this field suggests that significant developments are underway. Hiring for executive positions indicates that Apple is placing a strong emphasis on advancing its existing projects rather than solely focusing on hiring new talent.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that, there is a prevailing sentiment among users for Apple to address the limitations of its virtual assistant, Siri. Despite Siri’s early introduction as a pioneering AI voice assistant, many users have found its functionality to be lacking compared to competitors. As Apple delves further into the realm of AI, it would be beneficial for the company to allocate resources towards improving Siri’s capabilities, enhancing user experience, and addressing its limitations.

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